Two Week Board and Train

This program includes daily structure, rules and socialization. It is a great option if you are looking for obedience and to improve your relationship with your dog. Your dog will develop a new foundation which will make it easy for you to continue your training at home.


In this program, your dog will learn:


  • to walk politely on leash

  • sit/stay

  • down/stay

  • place command with duration

  • recall/come

  • to wait at thresholds


We will also address minor nuisance behaviors, such as jumping, mouthing and counter surfing.


The two week e-collar board and train includes a thirty minute consultation at drop off and a two hour go home session. During the go home session we'll work to transfer the knowledge and techniques needed for your continued success.


Your dog will receive an e-collar, prong collar, long line and place cot. Your follow through at home will be imperative to your dog’s continued success after the program.


$1950/two weeks

(includes all tools) 

Virtual thirty minute coaching
session for dog owner


Are you in need of immediate assistance to get your dog headed in the right direction?


Get your questions answered!


  • what your dog's day should look like

  • basic obedience

  • potty training

  • problem solving behavioral issues

  • a game plan for your dog


$75/thirty minutes

Succeeding Together 

Training is not an event; it is a lifestyle. The most important part of your dog's training begins when he/she returns home. Once your dog has completed training, it will be up to you provide consistency and maintain what he/she has learned. I will provide you with information and support to promote lasting results.