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I'm Amy Farmer - a dedicated trainer committed to helping your dog become a well-behaved and happy companion. My decade of work in animal rescue allowed me to witness firsthand the struggles dog owners face when trying to manage their furry companions.

After too many heartbreaking surrender stories due to behavior issues, I decided to dive deep into the world of dog training, spending years practicing and studying to figure out the most effective ways to communicate with our four-legged friends.

In 2017, I started my small business with a mission to help owners resolve their dog's problem behaviors.

Individualized attention and personalized training are my priorities for each and every dog and owner I work with. That's why I offer private lessons, where you and your dog are provided a personalized training experience of real-life situations, not just generic training drills.

With my customized training, I aim to empower owners with the right tools and techniques to reach their goals with their dogs.

So if you're struggling with your dog, don't worry - I'm here to help you put your best foot forward!



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