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Programs and Rates

My permission based training programs are designed with you and your dog in mind. I believe in working as much with you, as with your dog. You are the true key to your dog's success

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Two private lessons


Many owners feel walking their dog is a game of tug of war. Others worry about taking their dog in public because they are embarrassed by their dog's behavior. Believe me when I say I understand, I have been there. 

Struggling through a walk takes the joy out of what should be a fun time for both you and your dog. It does not have to be this way! Using my structured walking techniques these behaviors can be corrected and eliminated. They will set you on your way to becoming your dog's leader

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Four private lessons


In these sessions, I will assess your dog and put together a plan to work towards achieving your goals, whether they are obedience or behavioral issues.

This program covers issues on the walk as well as basic commands on-leash. I will address behavior problems, such as jumping up, nipping, counter surfing or other issues you may experience.

My approach to dog training is geared towards addressing the state of mind of your dog, rather than focusing on creating rehearsed behaviors. My goal is to create a happy, healthy, balanced dog rather than a dog that simply knows a few commands.

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Day School


Five days a week for two weeks

This is a flexible way to have your dog trained. Think of it as a boot camp for dog. You will drop off your dog each day and I will teach four to six short training sessions throughout the day with your dog. The more repetition, the better the new skills will take hold.


I will take your dog on mini field trips to practice skills in more distracting, real world environments like parks and stores. I will work on basic skills, contingent on your dog's demonstrated skills and your goals. 

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